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beyghor saddet Jedi with green stuffworld led

J'ai imprim la figurine de Black Remnant du jedi Beyghor Saddet pour star wars legion en résine transparente.

avec une led 1mm green de greenstuff world, de la peinture conductrice et de la peinture caméléon pour les ailes j'ai converti la figurine.

La lame aussi provient de greenstuff world, 1.6mm en vert fluo et sous la socle un aimant aussi GSW de 3mm*1mm.

Hésitez pas à poser des questions !

Categoría: Modelage et Sculpture Sci-Fi Autres

Material used

IMG_20210227_183430~2 (1)

Led is placed and wires cut out


Wires are bared and glued to saber hilt


Conductive paint is used to paint wires on the body, resistor is glued and the rigid part go under base. Hole is made in center with the magnet to fix battery


Light up test before priming, check the conductivity of the wires painted.

IMG_20210228_112837 (1)

blade in position, use UV gel around base to fix it and perform good light dispersion


WIP for the paint, use chameleon paint for a cool wing effect !

IMG_20210228_224545 IMG_20210228_233800

Final photoshoot

IMG_20210301_183147~2 IMG_20210301_183205~2 IMG_20210301_183220~2 IMG_20210301_183228~2 

Deprofundis 2021-03-11 19:38:35

Fantastic!!!nLoved it!!