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Thousand Sons Daemon Prince with Malefic Talons

A skeleton Daemon Prince to lead the ghost armies of the Cult of Undeath!

Categoría: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi Chaos

Assembly and Magnetize

20210121_121245~2 After cutting out the sprues, the first step is creating the sub-assemblies you'll be painting prior to the final assembly!


After your subassemblies are completed, its time for a well shaken layer of 20210122_123735~2 primer!

Paint & Put Sub-Assemblies Together

Final steps, you paint these guys up and then assemble those parts that were done separately20210126_101148~4 

Completed, Take Pics!

Enjoy your new cool model and take some pics before/during some games!20210128_211836~2 

Assemble your forces and march to victory!