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Hi there ^^

May I show you an another big personnal mini project : a Reaver Titans Squad for Adeptus Titanicus / Epic Armageddon ? ^^

I spent the last month to build and paint three titans at a time !! ^^'

This is my personnal Legio : the Legio Memento Mori aka "The Crimson Kings" based on Nemestrinus IV, a very woody forest world in a japanese ambiant ^^

Since I was a child, I want to build my own 6 mm army and these are my very first Titans !!

You can follow the detailed of the first of them (I'm currently writing the others) at :


I hope you like them,



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STEP 1 : The Reavers Titans

EPIC 16 (1)

1°) After a black basecoat I drybrush some dark metal + clear metal. The trims are painted with some gold metal. Then, I put some brown ink and after that, a blue ink mixed 50/50 with medium.


EPIC 16 (5)

2°) I use some masking tape (the cheaper in supermarket ^^) : 4 mm bands


EPIC 2 (8) 1 - Copie

3°) Then, for the "Red Mottle effect" or "Lady Bug style" I  use some differents shades of reds. I use the Greenstuff world intensity inks Sanguinem Red (two coats). Before the end, I highlight the golden metal and put some black ink on it. Then, I varnish (mat) and after drying, I put 2 coats of gloss varnish on the red parts... Because I wanted it ^^


EPIC 16 (10)

4°) Here are my Titans juste before I put some Sanguinem red ^^

EPIC 16 (18)

5°) After removing the masking tape, Iput the red ink. After that, I start painting details like stripes (clear grey - white)



EPIC 18 (5)


6°) I'm looking for the details : OSL, decals etc etc etc... And I varnish (matt) all the titans. After that, I put two coats of gloss varnish on the red parts ^^


The Titans are finished ^^

STEP 2 : The Bases

Epic 8 (1)

1°) I wanted very occidental woody ambiant... But with some japanese ambiant here and there. I didn't want to follow the traditionnal bases like urban or desert wastes. So I brought all my foliage and mixed some of them. The key to the success is to bring some diversity because in the wildlife, you always see a mix of grass/trees/flowers etc etc etc...


EPIC 19 (9)

2°) I used some old epic ruins kits with clear marble effect (some clear bone paint/sepia ink/pure white highlights). I think these white ruins + the green foliage give a very beautiful result ^^

To underligne the titanic scale of titans, I put some small minis from vanguard miniatures ^^


EPIC 20 (1)

3°) I wanted too an aquatic base. So I used some UV resin with a single drop of blue ink. I take my time to put it step by step. I''ve already planned to put some trees at the end ^^

EPIC 20 (2)

4°) A titan is too gigantic to leave the water calm : so I used some water effet to figure the waves... And when it's dried, the waves are totally transparent ^^


EPIC 20 (3)

1°) And now here is the pleasure for the eyes starting with the first Reaver Titan (360° views) ^^

EPIC 20 (4) EPIC 20 (5) EPIC 20 (6) EPIC 20 (9)


The second Reaver Titan :


EPIC 20 (11) EPIC 20 (12) EPIC 20 (13) EPIC 20 (17) EPIC 20 (20)


And the last but not the least : the third Reaver Titan :


EPIC 21 (1)

I've made the torii with some toothpicks + plastic card ^^


EPIC 21 (2)

EPIC 21 (4) EPIC 21 (5) EPIC 21 (7) EPIC 21 (8)


EPIC 21 (10)


And I hope you'll like my Reaver Titans squad ^^





Morikun 2021-03-05 09:00:48

Merci infiniment mon Cher Dak_Rogan, je suis très honoré ^^'nnServiteur,nnMorikun

Dak_Rogan 2021-03-03 18:33:57

un beau 10 bien mérité !