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Skink Starseer on the wrong path

This project was mostly about storytelling. It was done for an army, who needed new, stronger general. This army lost one too many times with dark elves, so this skink had to study and train a little before the next battle. He captured elven slaves and found some old grimoires and scrolls and studied a lot. Sadly something went wrong...

Category: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy

Sketch and composition

Everything started with this little sketch - A Skink leader who can fit in the army and be higher up as a centerpiece. He needed an elven slave and some forbidden books.

Greenstuff 1

After that, I experimented a little bit with composition. I removed a magical sphere and added a Grimoire, checked a placement of scrolls and some rats.

Greenstuff 2 Greenstuff 3


I decided to start with a magical grimoire - as I wanted it to be a centerpiece, with glowing magical symbols.Greenstuff 4 

Next, I have gone with an elven slave. I thought that her skin will be the hardest to paint with a yellow OSL. Sadly she ended up looking kind of dead, but I fixed it later on.

Greenstuff 5

Also, Skink himself wasn't easy with this Yellow light. I think I fixed and repainted him at least 3 times :)

Greenstuff 6

In parallel, I worked on the base. I washed and dry brushed it a few times with some brown, green and even blue tones to increase contrast. I also sculpted some foliage.

Greenstuff 7

Finished project

And this is how it ended up.

Greenstuff 11

Greenstuff 9

Greenstuff 8

Greenstuff 10

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