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Shard of the Deciever Ctan

I bought this necron model used on ebay and simply repainted it, then i did my very first experiment with hot glue "sculpting".

I placed two wires, twisted them, glued them and then cut out a few pieces of clear plast from random packaging and began applying hot glue.

I paint the shard in both gold, silver, blue metal, fluo green to represent how he shifts and changes, like a snake and a trickster, showing how he is not what he seems or his words are not what he says.

Then i wanted to try and give his point arm the look of galaxy, as if his c'tan powers powering his finger of death is galactic in proportions.


Galaxy Arm paint:

flat black - scale 75

toxic purple - greenstuff world

fluo green - vallejo

fluo yellow - vallejo

fluo blue - vallejo

Mago purple - GW contrast

white for the bright spots


Hotglue paint steps:

Painted it black.

Drybrushed white.

Nihlak oxide.

Fluo Aqua - wicked colours

Fluo green - vallejo

Fluo yellow - vallejo

Dry brush white

Fluo yellow again - vallejo


Gold and ribbon shadows:

Toxic purple in the recesses on the gold

Magos purple contrast on ribbon and gold.

Turns out purple is really great as shadows on blue and gold.

Category: Modeling and sculpture Sci-Fi

Body, ribbons, galaxy arm

The ribbons was already blue when i bought it second hand, but i painted up with a few scale 75 blues and gave it an ultra matt varnish. 

20200126_193001 20200126_193024 20200126_193102 20200126_193437 20200126_193508 20200126_193548 IMG_20200126_194035_363 (1) IMG_20200126_194035_364 (1) IMG_20200126_194035_367 (1) IMG_20200126_194035_372 (1) IMG_20200126_194035_376 IMG_20200126_194035_378 (1) IMG_20200126_194035_383 (1) IMG_20200126_194035_384 IMG_20200126_194035_393 IMG_20200126_194035_395

Base, Hot glue wires

The base is coloured with wicked colour fluo purple and some tufts from armypainter.

20200213_171111 20200213_171156 20200213_171235 20200213_171257 20200213_171330 IMG_20200213_172153_715 IMG_20200213_172153_716

Hot glue

20200226_210218 20200226_210224 20200226_210232 20200226_210238 IMG_20200226_210559_772 (2) IMG_20200226_210559_776 (1) IMG_20200226_210559_779 (1) IMG_20200226_210559_798

Base colouring hot glue

20200301_163753 20200301_163805 20200301_163811 20200301_163818

Layering Aqua on hot glue

20200303_173456 20200303_173500 20200303_173504 IMG_20200303_191421_168 IMG_20200303_191421_169

Layering fluo green

20200303_184818 20200303_184834 20200303_184852 IMG_20200303_235607_019 IMG_20200303_235607_024 IMG_20200303_235607_027

Layering fluo yellow, dry brush white, more yellow

20200303_185845 20200303_185850 20200303_185854(0) IMG_20200304_080037_927 IMG_20200304_080037_929 IMG_20200304_080037_932


20200308_141908 20200308_141938 20200308_141950 20200308_141957 20200308_142048 20200308_142056 20200308_142104 20200308_142901 20200308_142905 20200308_143005 20200308_143012 20200308_143021 20200308_143027 20200308_143048 20200308_143132

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