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Ruined building terrain/ diorama

Here’s my medium-large, ruined building terrain/ diorama. Suitable for kill team, 40k, necromunda and other wargames.

This project started with sculpting my ruins from craft foam. I textured the piece using a range of materials then went on to painting with base layers, washes, dry brushing and highlights. Once dry, I flocked, added final highlights and glossed.

All materials used have been heat treated and sealed with modelling cement and pva. Models pictured have also been painted by myself:)

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Adding highlights and first layers of flock

8B0293DA-89B8-4155-983D-9D7CEE7C3FE1 F3AD79C9-F634-4473-BFFF-B08F64E17E6E  Here I used a mix of home made flocks along with woodland scenics- green blend blended turf and burnt grass fine turf. Once dried I added a second wash along with extra highlights

Here are more steps along the way

Rust effects were achieved by adding orange washes onto my black and silver highlights.ECF4C8F0-8183-438E-A6F3-CAFF74B7F55E 4446DBBF-07A9-4DD6-A92B-113BFBFF8C5A  C2688671-8A22-4A38-9239-8DFDA139F0F5  
 I progressively used lighter tones applying lighter pressure on each layer of my grey dry brushing.  

Final images

66F47D34-7BE0-49E0-BE0F-B8A10F7DCDB2 3BF48C70-4DAE-4FC3-A4A9-C43776D46259 59A1E362-57A2-42EB-A471-02F66CCB7EC0 A1FA174A-9DDA-4264-8B60-A23D208B4FEE  E3287DE3-B4FE-4D53-A2ED-F24C9C2B0050 For more detailed pictures of final project please check out my Instagram @terrainrocks047B9101-BB63-47E8-B87C-58DEAA425B18 

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