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Fellwater Troggoth

Hello everyone!

Here I will show you how I created my first troggoth!

They are beautiful beasts and I am starting to paint them to create a larger overall project.

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The base


To make this base I used various materials, for example, for the rocks I used cork which I glued on the base with vinyl glue and I subsequently painted with acrylic paints.


I used some fantastic plants and leaves from GreenStuff World to beautify the location and make it more credible. 



I tried to paint a fish (since troggoths are excellent fishermen)!!

As a final step, I used Green Stuff World's silicone and uv resin forms to create lake water.



This was the first troggoth I ever painted.

I used acrylic paints and I think the result is satisfactory. I had a lot of fun creating this character: I'm in love with troggoths!



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