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How to make bullets


Due to the depth of the mold, and the complexity of the pieces, in order to get the most bullets as possible each time, we recommend filling each hole of the mold 1 by 1. The process would be as follows:

1.- Knead the Putty/Clay into a ball

2.- Press the ball against the mold with any blunt object, for example the edge of a Rolling pin, trying to fill the holes of the desired bullets.

3.- Push the Putty/Clay into the bullets holes of the mold 1 by 1 by using any tool with of round tip or a toothpick. Best for this would be a Stylus tool (LINK).

4.- Remove excess of Putty/Clay with a SCRAPPER (LINK) to clean the mold without cutting it.

5.- Repeat step 2 and 3 at least 3 times. The better the mold is filled, and the more times we repeat the entire process, the better quality and the more perfect bullets we would get. If the process is not done properly, some bullets will just come out incomplete.

As something additional, once the mold is filled and while we still have the Putty/Clay in fresh conditions, in order to get more detail in the pieces, bullets may be punctured with the tip of a mechanical pencil or even a small tube, to mark the firing pins in the back of the bullets.

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