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Back to the Earth

This little scene, which I have titled "Back to the Earth", carries a very obvious protest message: there is no plan B if we run out of our planet! Let's take good care of the Earth, it is our home!

To work the scene I used the materials that you can see in the image before starting:
-A repurposed soda can.
-A piece of panel, used in the construction of houses.
-A 3D printed astronaut.
-GreenStuffWorld liquid pigments, GreenStuffWorld fluorescent acrylic paint,GreenStuffWorld cracked paint and GreenStuffWorld glue.

The application of all the mentioned products was with an airbrush and brush (depending on the element to be painted) and the order I followed was:

-Work the piece of panel to shape it, and once primed, crack the floor with the mentioned product.

-Once cracked, I painted with the pigments for land, the surface of the earth.

-It was time to work the giant can, with the liquid turquoise blue and oxide pigments, to continue painting the astronaut with a brush.

-Just before joining the can with the ground, I painted the interior with fluorescent orange and once the can was located: I decorated the ground with small bushes.

-To end the scene, I decorated the can with two graffiti that send an even more direct message than the scene itself!

Hope you like it and if you have any question about the step by step, ask me anything on @thefactoryww2 blog instagram. Regards!

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Front View


Night View


That's how it all started


Soda can ready to be planted!


The little hero!


Marc R 2021-06-16 21:46:02

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