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3D printed wall-e at 60mm high. for this i gave some base colours and then weathered the model to look as the movie. Later on made a small base to look like the desert/arid earth.

Category: Modelados y escultura Sci-Fi

Starting line

121953784_10218386736676584_5209042695439898852_n 122499118_10218433062874710_7809400942119140938_n 122715694_10218433062474700_9110552657397670854_n

Weathered and base done

123286686_10218458402508185_9074725721720154180_n 123302065_10218458402028173_317023334790200922_n 123339191_10218458403068199_2332023303061153451_n 123351741_10218458403348206_2109034870736945020_n

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