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Path to the Wayfinder

A unique way to show off you X-wing Miniatures by Fantasy Flight Games.

Features a drawer to hold all your stuff to play with including Cogotwo small template tray, cards, bases, dice, tokens etc. Everything you need to play. The drawer can double up as a dice rolling box too

Fits IKEA cabinets, like the Deltof, so you can show off your spaceships at home when you’re not ruling the galaxy on the tables.

Category: Modeling and sculpture Terrains Dioramas

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Melissa Burt-Andrews 2021-03-12 13:45:29

Magical, the detail is unreal. Quality artistry!

Richard Smith 2021-03-12 13:31:44

I really like it. I like the detailing, the wave foam and spray over the wreck and rocks.

Steve Boulton 2021-03-12 13:10:29

Amazing work, so much detail, it’s a 10 out of 10

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