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A drowned earth Pachycephalosaurus I made last month for a miniature challenge.

The base is made with earth texture, and different plant like materials to simulate a ancient rainforest.

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The mini was made of metal and had two places, the body and one leg, I had to glue them and fill the gap with some green stuff, smooth the surface and prime it.


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I wanted the colour scheme to look realistic, but with some unusual colours, so I made a brown base and add blue details, this was my first time doing wet blending and I liked it.

At the end I decided to paint the eyes red for a devil look.


03 04 


When the dino was finished I made the base, a 50mm round base with earth texture, some wood and moss, and some laser cut paper leaves to make it look like the rainforest in in dinosaur documentaries.


05 06 


To finish it up I glued the dino in the base.


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