Online Painting and Sculpture Competition - May

There's room for all types of original projects in our contest, from painting to sculpting. It doesn't matter if the projects have already been shown in other places beforehand. The users will value your work on a global level.
To be eligible for the prize a minimum of 6 photos must be shared, at least 3 being of the painting/creating process of the model. When voting ends, the projects which fail to meet this requirement won't be considered for the final prize.
Projects must be shared for the first time on our creative website, therefore, repeated projects will not be valid. Several projects can be submitted, but only one prize can be awarded. 
A voting period is established where the author must acquire the most points to enter the ranking in first, second or third place. Therefore it's recommended to publicise your project, sharing it on social media.
Among the top 6 projects with the highest contest points, the winner will be the one with the best average of those 6 at the time of completion.
We have activated a new improved voting script to ensure transparency in the voting process.
For our first contest the prizes are: 
1st Place: Discount code worth 75€ to spend on any of our products, T-Shirt and Trophy.
2nd Place: Discount code worth 50€ to spend on any of our products and T-Shirt
3rd Place: Discount code worth 25€ to spend on any of our products and T-Shirt
Opening date: : 01-05-2020
Closing date: : 01-06-2020
Proyects: : 44


Final Ranking