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Sleeping Minotaur

My most important project from 2019.

THe miniature is from a kickstarter campaign about minotaurs (of course), and as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to do a nice diorama to show him simply as s sleeping creature, not a monster.

This was a real challenge as it was my first a time building a wire tree and using resin too...

It took me two tries to build the tree and a lot of tries and errors to build the river bed and to pour the resine as I wanted, but in the end I'm pleased with the result.

Not mentionning that each leaf on the tree is glued by hand, and that also took me a while...

You can find the complete process with a lot of photos on my cmon forum thread (link in my profile).

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The base

The structure was made out of expanded polystyrene, then I use different materials to create the ground texture.

sm-02 sm-03


The tree

First I made a structure out of wire, then I added some actual ground dirt with wood glue to create the texture.
After that I fix it on the base, sculpting the roots with miliput.
Then added some branches with seafoam.
And finally, as I wasn't happy with the trunc thickness, I added some volume to it using miliput again.

Later on, the leafs was made out of coffee filters, and glued to the branches one by one.

sm-04 sm-05 sm-06 sm-07 sm-08 sm-09



The river bed

I didn't want to let the river bet with the same texture as the ground.

It will be visible inside the resin so I needed to put some more effort on it.

So I created some flat rocks with miliput and add some balast texture, then paint it and add some reflection effects.




To bring some life to the scene, I added some small animals.
The fish is a resin casted on. I just had to paint it and add it the the river.
The butterflies though are handmade, out of coffee filter again.

sm-11 sm-13 sm-14

The minotaur

I painted the minotaur as I was building the base, alternate from one to another.




End result

sm-15 sm-16

followtheblacksheep 2020-03-03 12:12:09

He seems so gentle :D