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Lord of Slaanesh

Chaos Lord of Slaanesh from dark vengeance box, hand painted, base made with grass tufts and tall shrubbery from Green Stuff World 

Kategorie: Modelados y escultura Sci-Fi Caos


I use a purple tone as basecoat, then I add different shades of warm colors until we reach a rose. In the end we use some white added to the previous mixture to create the light.




pelaje y capa

 For the coat, I decided to paint it white to contrast with the armor, additionally I painted the coat's fur in brown tones.




For the plasma, I used blue colors, again to contrast with the purple of the armor, the plasma has the light at the bottom, because the plasma is lighter near its source of origin, in my case the bottom . 




the sword was painted using green and blue shades, on a brown base, then it used white to be able to give the lights and blue mixed with white to create a light blue and illuminate the faces of the sword


detalles de armadura y OSL

For the details in the armor, part of the skin-colored armor was painted, for the eyes a dark green base was used to then paint them blue. The horns and skulls were painted bone color, later light brown (warm) ink was used on the horns and teeth, in addition to dark brown ink in the skulls. a little OSL was performed on the miniature helmet lenses to enhance them.




At the base, cork was used together with the textured paints to create mud effects, then yellow ink was applied on the ground and the top part was painted as a pavement, using dry brush and different shades of gray and blue.



finished miniature

In the end the piece joined the base and high and low bushes were added at the base to give it a little more realism.



Douglas 2019-08-21 04:10:32

Felicitaciones. Un gran trabajo

Jahsoul 2019-08-20 22:58:30

Es una excelente pieza gran artista el mejor