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The cat's out of the bag

I thought I might snap a few pictures of this for you before the main figure is added.  I made a multi level base out of the pressed sculpey Green Stuff World textures, and then added a few things.
Like skulls... and KITTIES!!  
Yes, cute little kitties from a recent Dark Sword kickstarter campaign.
Kategorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Human


They seem to lend themselves to Siamese, so I have been painting them that way.
As for the base, you can see that it is a lot of fun to "age" the broken pieces of sculpey once they have been painted.  I also tried to make sure that the various shades and colors would not blend in too much with the kitties.





One more set of playful cats.  Who says that I don't post pictures of cats?




Time for some images, now that the final miniature has been added to the base with the kitties!

I believe this Dark Sword figure is part of the Game of Thrones set.