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How to Paint Saturared Green with Ease!


With the start of my most beloved army (Bretonnia) I decided to undertake too a project that I personally wanted to make, video tutorials.

We will start with: How to Paint Saturated Green with Ease!

Hope you like it!

Kategorie: Modelados y escultura Fantasí­a Humanos


Guia de Colores

Basecoat: Warpstone Glow [CITADEL]

Shade: Caliban Green [CITADEL]

First Highlight: Moot Green [CITADEL]

Second Highlight: Moot Green + Dorn Yellow [CITADEL]

Glaze: Waywatcher Green [CITADEL]

Final Highlight: Moot Green + Dorn Yellow [CITADEL]