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Underworlds morgwaeth blade-coven display

Made a display board for morgwaeth blade-coven, kind of like armies on parade. Also my first real attempt for a full project using NMM

Kategorie: Modelage et Sculpture Fantaisie Elfes

Final result - close up shots

20211104_202237 20211104_221922 20211104_202402 20211104_202437 (1) 20211104_221956 20211104_202322 

Making the display board

20210223_134616 20210223_162854 20210223_163159 20210223_171147 20210223_171230 

The gaps and layers were then smoothed with vallejo texture


Painting the ruins



The stones were painted using the classical grey highlights method followed by sponging on certain areas with heavily watered down green red and brown washes