PROJEKTEProjekte von Gemalten Gestalten, Skulpturen und Skalenmodellierung

Lady of Solitude

Lady Guinevere from "Echoes of Camelot" series by Big Child Creatives.

Kategorie: Modeling and sculpture Fantasy Human

Assembly and priming

Zenithal priming using Abaddon Black, Celestra Grey and Corax White


First layer: Abaddon Black

Second layer: Abaddon Black and Celestra Grey (50/50)

Third layer: Celectra Grey

Fourth laher: Corax White

Base colours

Dress: Mephiston Red

Armour (Gold): XV-88

Skin: Daemonette Hide

Hair: Night Lords Blue


Dress and Armour were washed with Aggarax Earthshade


Highlights and edging

Dress: Evil Sunz Scarlet, Dechala Lilac, Wild Rider Red, Troll Slayer Orange and Dorn Yellow. The last two colours were also used for edge

Hair: Techlis Blue, Fenrisian Grey and Screaming Skull.

Gold (NMM): Tallan Sand, Zamesi Desert, Flash Gitz Yellow and Dorn Yellow